I am Shreta and I simply Travel – Travel – Travel…..and Travel some more! Actually TRAVEL IS THE GOAL, REST FOLLOWS and this is how I pretty much live my life.  (Read the amount of times I have already typed ‘travel’?, including this one?)

Itchy feet and a wandering mind, I live in curiosity of the diverse wonders this world has to offer. To fuel this love and passion for unknown roads and routes, I am constantly looking for a fix  to live a life of Travel.


How do I do this? Firstly, by following the simple rule – I DO NOT WANT TO QUIT ANYTHING TO TRAVEL THE WORLD. Saving money for years(I do not work in finance or law)and going on world trip is something that never attracted me. It works for a lot of travelers but not me. I remember traveling ever since I bought my first backpack and I have not stopped since.  For me its a life I want to live every day and I actually do it.

Originally from North India I grew up on the beautiful coast of Goa, India. Rebel with and without a cause I took a break from college education to study French, write feature articles,sell five star membership and organize events. It was this move which today ambassador’s  the life I live and love.  Risks are everything. They give your life a character, a character you embrace. I did go on to graduate and attain a degree(play a little safe from time to time) and found my interests in the various fields I work in now.

In 2011 I took another risk and embarked on a journey that gets richer till date. I began a life of International Travel by getting on board cruise ships. Starting as a Photographer, I am currently an Event Curator and Entertainment Host; a job which I love. Sailing the oceans to reach beautiful landscapes on the globe, working on Cruise Ships is an experience of a lifetime. Ever since I have barely paid to see the places I have and do. Yes, I am envious of many. There are places I have just visited, sometimes for a few hours only(some cruise stops are very short), explored by boats and foot, and some I have been lucky to travel to a good extent. How lucky am I ? VERY. ! However, it does not come all too easy. I work long hours, I work shifts and there is no weekend! Yes, there is no Sunday movie marathon. But its my experiences so far, and how much more I can and am yet to experience that keeps me going. Giving up driving for 6 to 7 months(that’s how long our contracts can go for), not having my own kitchen to cook,no weekend laziness and more; comes easy for fulfilling my passion of traveling.

(I will write a lot lot more about life as a cruise ship employee on my Cruising page)

Six years of travels has given birth to Roads and Routes.Its my playground of words, photos, food, cultures, traditions all engulfed to tell stories, share moments, live experiences.Hailing from a country whose passport lets you travel to only 29% of the world without procuring visa prior to the visit, it has been a dream to overcome such challenges and inspire those who think travel is not something everyone can dream of. I AM THE LIVING EXAMPLE!

I am obsessed with words, photos,heights,speed,mountains,rough oceans,music, food (eating and cooking), coffee, beer, whiskey, history, and anything and everything hot!

Traveling for me is exploring a place through its people,food,culture and landscapes. Wherever I go, I search for what the people are, what they eat, what they do,what they speak, what they hear and what they see.

Through many gangways, cruise terminals, vast seas, sizes of airports, cobbled streets, cooked and uncooked food, lots of coffee, burps of beer, tipsiness of whiskey, slurps of miso soup I will take you on a journey with not just one destination.

PS: Its going to be very LOCAL!

Come be a part!