Learning the Fundamentals, Day Nine: Get Inspired by the Neighbors


Day Nine: Get Inspired by the Neighbors

Yesterday, you left comments on four other blogs — that means the posts were thought-provoking. Let’s draw on that!

Today, write a post that builds on one of these comments, and link to the other blog.

Here’s how:

  1. First, choose a post that piqued your interest.
  2. Next, start your new post by clicking on the button below.
  3. Finally, give your post a few tags, including bloggingfundamentals, and publish it.

Start a new post

In your post, include a link to blog that inspired you: refer to the post or blog your post, and make those words a link. The blogger will be notified that you linked to them, so don’t be surprised if they pay you a visit! Learn more in the tools and tips for this assignment.

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