Liberation! Off comes the answer when I am asked what is it like to travel solo. Not alone, no. Not lonely, despite the feeling of being alone occasionally. We come in to this world alone but to a mother and father. It is because of them we are here in the first place. Your birth makes them ecstatic and there starts a life of another human being –  YOU. Form your birthday to an onward life you take of loving, learning, living and lasting.

Like love, travelling solo is magical. It is a feeling to be felt, at least in my case. No amount of words I speak or write do justice to how I feel when I pack my bags and take that ride – solo. You see people often confuse going to places solo as lonely. There is a huge difference between alone and lonely.  I choose to go alone, by myself because it’s the solitary moments of travel that I wish to immerse myself in. I do not backpack alone for I have no friends or my family has abandoned me.  It is the sheer joy of exploring my own strength and capabilities. The mornings I wake up to simply inhale the aroma of a fresh brew. The dinner dates I have with more than just one person as I sip on that cold beer discussing difference between British and American humour. To the goofiness of running middle of a tour cause it wasn’t that interesting.

Travelling solo is like being your own boss. You decide the time, the place, the activity, the assignment, whatever there is to do – you call the shots! You are responsible for making it happen. You talk to your mind, you listen to your heart, you do what makes sense to you and you eliminate what doesn’t. It is this confidence, the independence coupled with the sheer joy of going places and learning that keeps solo travelling on the move.

Travelling solo is about risks. You take them. Even if you think you cannot but you are forced to. You trust yourself, your gut instinct, you push yourself farther than what you had imagined. Caroline Myss once said, “always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you”. And you do. In your scariest of instants, you take that choice. Your living proves it.


Travelling solo is like experimenting with a dish but making it tasty. You know the usual ingredients that will go in, yet, you throw in some different ones. At first, it tastes interesting but with each bite the flavours start to last.

And if you put these magical shots of risks in a dish, it is indeed, liberation.

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